The Best Zombie Games For iOS

Use anything you can to create barriers and get a leg up. Inspired by classic Resident Evil games, Outbreak is a survival horror franchise with enough rough edges to sand down a tree, though that hasn’t stopped it from picking up some fans. The games don’t explain themselves too well and what is easy to get to grips with simply isn’t all that fun to play, with the one-person development team trying to do too much with too little. Once the developers patched the many day 1 bugs, the true beauty and depth of the game came to the fore. All these factors play a role in the immersion of a game, and the more immersive a zombie game is, the better it is likely to be. Read on for the most realistic zombie games, and let us know if you agree in the comment section below.

  • It is definitely satisfying and a great way to enjoy your free time.
  • This time around, a zombie plague has hit John Marston’s wife and son which prompts John to seek out a cure.
  • You’re patient zero and you need to spread the zombie plague far and wide.
  • In this first person game you will have to take out the zombies that get in your way.
  • Can we all agree that there are few things as satisfying as blowing a zombie’s head off?
  • There are dozens or even hundreds of them and one of you.

The gameplay is last fortress underground offline pretty straightforward and simple that you don’t have to wrap your head around a complicated plot. Additionally, it also comes with an endless mode where you can put your skills to the test. While it’s one of the more simple games on the list, don’t let it fool you because it’s the simple gameplay that makes it attractive to players. © Photo by Dead Effect from the Play StoreDead Effect 2 takes zombie games to the next level. You’ll be facing off against hordes of zombies and other monsters on board the ESS Meridian.

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The game allows you to bend the story to your liking, while also giving you free rein to explore its massive open world environment. Combat is extremely rewarding this time around, and the first time you split a zombie in half with battleaxe forged out of a signpost, you’ll know exactly what we mean. The parkour system also feels a lot more responsive compared to the first game, giving you fantastic ways to drop off buildings and smash a zombie’s face into the concrete. Dying Light 2 is fun, brutal, and so full of things to do that you can spend hours just seeing what body parts can be cut from… Then you would love the best zombie games I have gathered for you. Some games are fast-paced and action-packed, while others focus on the slow claustrophobic vibes horror movies give.

  • Players will also need to keep themselves fed and in good health as you battle against famine, cold and disease.
  • The atmosphere and story of this game are completely amazing, it’s almost like a Stalker or Fallout game but with a simple style.
  • Your character will have to survive, earn food and other useful things, and fight against thousands of opponents.
  • Both of these games are very less in size and great for time-killing.
  • The game takes place in the year 2033 when the world saw the outbreak of an unknown infection that left most of the human population dead.
  • In addition, what makes this game one of the best zombie games for android to play on your mobile phone is that it focuses on realism.

It’s also perfect for a lazy girl like me who would rather rewatch the entire last season of The Walking Dead before going for an actual walk. Some from a manmade virus, others from a parasitic fungus, and some are just the good ole fashion rambling dead with little known about how they came to be that way. No matter how they became rotting, animated corpses, zombies are here to stay as fixtures in gaming. You must always stay alert and build a strong house for your protection. Collect survival tools, weapons, and other resources because that’s what will help you survive. The game offers many weapons that can be upgraded to make them more powerful.

Dawn of Zombies

This game provides a very controlled gameplay experience with a great level of detail. Last time, we took a look at the best superhero games on Roblox. No matter what type of game you’re looking for, there is undoubtedly something that fits the bit available on the Roblox platform. The graphics with Dead Target are stunning, with plenty of detail and ragdoll animations as you destroy the Walking Dead. Battles include quests that improve your ranking and skills, and they unlock weapons to better your chances of survival. The graphics are colorful and wonderfully animated, game controls are simple, and gameplay requires your undivided attention.

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You will be given a wide range of awesome weapons that can be used to smash fat bosses and zombies. When playing a game like this, every decision you take matters. Whether you will cooperate or fight for domination, the choice is yours. As the title suggests, this game is all about smashing zombies. Get behind the wheels and smash as many zombies as you can.

The Zombie Games

As we mentioned earlier, Dying Light was a game developed by Techland. This title follows an agent named Kyle Crane who is tasked with infiltrating the quarantine zone city of Harran which has become infected with a virus turning civilians into ruthless zombies. The zombies in this game follow a day and night cycle–during the day, the zombies are lethargic, and won’t put up a fight.

Playing as demons and hunting players across maps is delightfully evil. Besides some glitches, Evil dead is fun to play, especially playing demon mode. We’ve compiled a list of the best zombie games ever created for mobile devices. Furthermore, these games are compatible with Android devices. Includes 10 world regions, 33 unique environments, 37 kind of weapons and over 600 gameplay scenarios making it an original and absorbing game. The content is updated with evolving storylines and you can also play against real people from around the world for prizes, rewards and achievements.

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Originally an arcade favorite, House of the Dead made its way to consoles and, thanks to the help of its lightgun peripheral, proved just as fun as a couch co-op romp. Players will blast their way through closely-pursuing undead as well as tough bosses as they’re guided through corridors and outdoor locales, fighting for survival as well as high scores. The hordes of undead trotting towards the player can make for some thrilling scares, adrenaline-pumped action, and many optimal targets to hit.

Due to the presence of blood and cruelty, children under 12 years of age are not recommended to play. Install a free shooter Zombiestan VR and get the maximum number of points in all four locations. Unfortunately, the character does not move and stands in one place. You can only spin around your axis and shoot back the zombies.

All these skills help them in surviving the zombie apocalypse. You can also check our specific post for Survival Games on Mobile. The game is really fun to play with many upgrades and new weapons to fight the stronger zombies in the difficult levels. You will be fighting the zombies with all types of plants placed in the garden. It is a simple kill all the zombies type of game where the players will be offered different kinds of weapons to kill the zombies with.